About Antheiashotsย 
Photography of Performing Arts by Natia tutisani
Antheia, originating from Greek mythology, embodies qualities such as charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and goodwill. In my role as a Music and Performing Arts Photographer, I aim to capture the essence of human nature and the artistic expressions displayed on stage. Antheia Shots, my photography service, reflects and upholds these values.ย 
I am Natia Tutisani, founder of Stageย  Magazine,ย  a female photographer currently residing in Barcelona, Spain. My passion for both the stage and photography has been a constant in my life. Growing up, I developed a deep love for Performing Arts. I was captivated by skilled dancers and even pursued dance myself
In 2016, while studying Photography at HBK-Saar in Saarbruecken, Germany, I realized I could combine my two passions. The pandemic provided me with the opportunity to focus on my photographic education. I began with an online course at Nakani-Mamasakhlisi Photoschool, followed by in-person classes at Maxstudio - School of photography. I also completed a specialization course in Photography of music and Performing arts under Jordi Vidal at IEFC- Institute of photographic studies of Catalonia. My photos are a genuine reflection of the captivating moments on stage, captured without any prearrangement.ย 
I am delighted to share the exciting news that my photograph from the CIRCUS WORLDย series has been selected to participate in the prestigious 22nd Julia Margaret Cameron Awards Exhibition in December 2024 at Fotonostrum Barcelona as the winner in the Documentary and Reportage category. Additionally, I am proud to mention that my photograph from the ร“N TANGO series was selected and exhibited as part of the Foto Arte Barcelona event organized by Jorge Gonzalez.